This 8 week training program entitled “The Green Environment Certificate Program” prepares students for the expected high growth green industry.  The objective of the training is to provide students with practical skills and environmental certifications to enable them to immediately obtain specific jobs in the green/environmental field such as energy audits and renewable energy technicians, asbestos supervisors, and hazardous waste technicians.  Students will be able to participate in environmental remediation and renewable resources work while contributing to the greening of the country.  Students will also learn fundamentals and broad concepts of the green/environmental industry to be better prepared and positioned to move into other green career opportunities.
Subject Hours Days
Introduction to Environmental Science & Green Initiatives 40 5
Air Pollution 32 4
Alternative Energy 24 3
Water Resources 8 1
Weatherization I 40 5
Weatherization II 40 5
CT Asbestos Supervisor 40 5
CT Lead Supervisor 40 5
40 Hour HAZWOPER 40 5